Norway - Norway Cup

Age Categories: Boys U13-U19 Girls U13-U19

Tournament Overview 

The Norway Cup plays host to 1,500 teams from around the world and has become a gigantic success with over 30,000 participants leaving with an unforgettable soccer experience. The Norway Cup in Oslo caters to youth between the ages of 13-19 years old. Hosted by BÊkkelagets Sportsklub and Dagbladet, this tournament is in its 38th year in existence and is the largest tournament of its kind in the world with youth from every continent participating. Exciting extracurricular trips and leisure activities are a feature of this tournament including museums, amusement parks, swimming and a tournament disco!

Tournament Format
The teams entering the tournament will be divided into groups of 4 or 5 teams. Each team will play a round robin. The two best teams in each group will proceed to the A-play-offs, where cup rules apply. The third team in each group will proceed to the B-play-offs with the same rules as for the A-play-offs. Using overage players are meant to give the individual players a sporty offer. The arrangers ask all the clubs and teams with overage player not to utilize this opportunity to strengthen the team for the competition. Overage players can only be one year older.
In the classes Q, R, S, T one may have 4 overage players, only 3 players can be on the field at one time.
In the classes A, B, C, D one may have 4 overage players, only 2 players can be on the field at one time.
In the classes E, F, U, V, one may have 3 overage players, only 1 player can be on the field at one time.
· CLASSES A and Q, 2 x 30 minutes with 5 minutes break
· CLASSES B and R, 2 x 25 minutes with 3 minutes break
· CLASSES C, D, E, S, T and U, 2 x 20 minutes with 3 minutes break
· CLASSES F and V, 2 x 15 minutes with 3 minutes break
Tournament Facilities
Norway Cup will be played on 65 grass pitches altogether spread across 6 different locations.
Tournament & Leisure Activities
· Tournament Disco
· Sights and sounds of Oslo
· Leisure activities around the complex
· Theme park excursions
Tournament Age Categories
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