Sweden - Gothia Cup

Age Categories: Boys U11-U18 Girls U12-U19
Tournament Overview
Join Sweden and the rest of the world this summer at what is considered the “World Youth Cup” of international soccer tournaments and where Gothia Cup winners often describe themselves as “world champions”. The atmosphere surrounding the opening of the Gothia Cup is nothing less than electric with 40,000 spectators, all dancing and singing in an Olympic style ceremony. The city of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, is host to this world class event with a variety of activities including, shopping at Scandinavia’s largest mall, nightly disco, amusement parks, the famed Gothia Super Match (an exhibition match between IFK Gothenburg and one of Europe’s top teams; past teams have included Liverpool, Lazio and Borussia Dortmund), Gothia Center (a large meeting area for players and coaches featuring competitions, basketball, internet surfing, etc.), local sightseeing and a colorful leaders party! We believe that a prerequisite for a perfect tournament experience is a hosting city that really cares. We want the citizens to support you as an audience as well as being your hosts in the streets. Gothenburg is a city with half a million inhabitants. We guarantee that everyone knows and cares about the Gothia Cup and our guests.
Tournament Format
All clubs, which are members of their FIFA affiliated national associations, are welcome to participate in the Gothia Cup. The tournament begins with group play. Teams are divided into groups of four or five, with all playing each other once. The winners and runners-up qualify for "Play-off A", and the third-placed team for "Play-off B". Teams knocked out of the tournament are offered friendly matches against other Gothia Cup teams. The tournament is played under all applicable FIFA and Swedish FA rules. All players must be insured, both for games and leisure time.  Arrival for all teams is on Sunday. Kick-off for the preliminary round games is on Monday. Dispensations will automatically be given to 2 players per team (participant’s list) who are maximum one year older than the age class admit. In classes B16, G15 and G17 teams from countries that still use the 1st of August-limit (mainly USA and England) may also use players 5 months older than the age class admit. Girls may play with boys in class B11-B16. No other dispensations will be given. QUALIFYING ROUNDS AND PLAY-OFF B: Class B18, B16, B15, G19, G17 and G15: 2x25 minutes - Other 2x20 minutes. PLAY-OFF A: Class B18, B16, B15, G19, G17 and G15: 2x30 minutes - Other classes 2x25 minutes. No team may use more than 16 players in a match. Only five substitutes are allowed in each match. All players must be able to show proof of age and identity.     
Tournament Facilities
All of the playing fields are grass. Exceptions: Heden 1-4, Frejaplan, Välen 1, Sälöfjordsplan 2, Bergsjövallen 2, Guldheden, Valhalla and Ruddalen 1 and 2 are astroturf. The fields have been divided into the following areas: Centrum, Öster, Hisingen, Frölunda, Mölndal and Kungsbacka. Shuttle buses provide transportation to certain centers (Gothia Line). 
Tournament & Leisure Activities
· Liseberg Amusement Park
· Shopping in Nordstan
· Exploring the city of Gothenburg
Tournament Age Categories
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