Denmark - Cup No. 1

Age Categories: Boys U11-U18 Girls U13-U19 
Tournament Overview
This summer the 27th Annual Cup No.1, one of the most respected international youth tournaments, takes place in Frederickshavn, Denmark. More than 300 soccer-loving teams of boys and girls from 30 different nations gather at this great multicultural event to experience fantastic grass fields and a cozy town with something to offer every visitor. Frederikshavn is port town in the northern Jutland, Denmark. This part of the ocean is called Kattegat and the sea is always close to you. Frederikshavn started as a fishing village in the 16th and 17th centuries and it was fortified in the late 17th century to secure the route to Norway. The original name was Fladstrand but was changed to Frederikshavn when the city became chartered in 1818.
Tournament Format
The teams are divided into groups of four or five teams which all play against each other. The standings between the teams will be decided by the number of points where a win gives three points and a draw gives one point. The best two teams from each group qualify for play-off A, all the other teams to play-off B. Both play-offs are eliminatory. Ties in the play-offs (except eight finals to finals) will be decided by penalty kicks according to FIFA regulations. Ties in eight, quarter and semi-finals will be decided by an added 2 x 7 minute period. In the finals this will be an added 2 x 10 minute period. The prolongation is played after the “golden goal” principle. If no goal is scored during the prolongation, the match will be decided by penalty kicks according to FIFA regulations. Each team is free to roster as many players as they want, the only limit is per match where they don’t have the right to more than 5 substitutes. But, it is welcome to change players between different matches if the squad contains more than 5 substitutes. Substitutions can only be made during stoppages in play and must be authorized by the referee. A player may play for more than one team but not in the same class. Dana Cup No.1 applies a general age exemption rule which entitles each team to have 2 over-age players (maximum one year). One additional over-age player is allowed to participate if he/she can present an exemption which permits him/her to play in normal league matches.  In classes B16 and G16 teams from countries that still use the 1st of August-limit (mainly USA and England) may also use players 5 months older than the age class admits. In the 7 player-a-side category, only one over-aged (maximum 1 year) player is allowed.
· Classes B18, B16 and G19 play 25-minute halves in the qualifying rounds and 35-minute halves in the final
· Classes B15, B14, B13, G16, G15, G14, G13 will play 20-minute halves in the qualifying rounds and 30-minute halves in the final.
· Classes B12, B12-7, B11 play 20-minute halves in the qualifying rounds and 25-minute halves in the final.
Tournament Facilities
There is plenty to do outside of soccer as well. Activities include Farup Sommerland (amusement park and water park), shopping, beaches, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, Dana Cup Disco and local sightseeing in this harbor town.
Tournament & Leisure Activities
· Tournament Disco
· Bangsbo Museum
· Farup Aquapark
· Saeby
· Brondersley
Tournament Age Categories
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