Denmark - Cup Denmark

Age Categories: Boys U10-U18 Girls U13-U16 Open Ladies
Tournament Overview
Cup Denmark is the only cup that guarantees excellent grass fields and most importantly, all the fields are within walking distance of each other! This fantastic tournament is played on the outskirts of Copenhagen and about a 15-minute drive to the city center with sightseeing excursions within driving distance. Everything is within walking distance to schools and shopping centers. Trains give direct access to Copenhagen and the beach.
Tournament Format
Qualifying games are on a group basis with each group consisting of 4 - 6 teams. The top teams in the group progress to the A-finals and the other teams to the B-finals.

The tournament is played according to the rules of FIFA and the Danish F.A.

A maximum of 16 players maybe used per match. However there is no limit on the number of players a team may use during the tournament.
A player may not play for two different teams in the same age group.

A win gives 3 points and a draw 1 point.

If two teams end up on the same number of points then the following will be used to separate the teams:
Goal difference, number of goals scored, the results between the two teams, penalties.
Tournament Facilities
The tournament is played on grass fields on the outskirts of Copenhagen about a 15-minute drive to the city center. Everything here is of the highest quality with walking distance to schools, shopping centre, trains with direct access to Copenhagen and the beach.
Tournament & Leisure Activities
This fantastic tournament offers you a busy schedule with a Coach/Team Manager meeting, participant’s disco, and opportunities to visit Copenhagen and the beach. New for this year will be an even larger outdoor activity area, a special evening for leaders and an opening karaoke evening with an unforgettable fireworks display to finish off the first evening’s festivities!
Tournament Age Categories
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