Denmark - Copenhagen Tivoli Cup

Age Categories: Boys U11-U19 Girls U11-U17
Womens Open Age
Tournament Overview ®®
This fantastic international soccer tournament was created for girls and boys aged 10-20 and features participating teams from 20-25 nations.  Some of the countries participating last year included Belgium, Cyprus, Ghana, Holland, Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda, United States and Denmark. Participants of this popular tournament are offered a host of interesting recreational activities as well. Every night there will be a discotheque for the players. For team leaders there will be entertainment at the Tivoli Cup Café and a party, hosted by the local authorities, held at beautiful Frederiksburg Castle. Furthermore, all participants have free entry to the Tivoli Amusement Park in Copenhagen!
Tournament Format
Teams which are defeated in the preliminary rounds will go on to the Wiibroe Cup in which matches will be played according to the cup system. The Wiibroe Cup will start when the preliminary rounds in Tivoli Cup are finished. No 1-2 in group rounds will go on to intermediary rounds in the Tivoli Cup, while the rest will go on to the Wiibroe Cup. Dispensation will automatically be given to 2 players per team who are maximum one year older than the age class admit. In classes B16, G11, G13 and G15 teams from countries that still use the 1st of August-limit (mainly USA and England) may also use players 5 months older than the age class admit.
· Age categories B-19, B-18, B-16, B-15, B-14, G-17, G-15, and Ladies open will play halves of 25 minutes
· Age categories B-13, B-12, B-11, G-13, G-11 will play 20 minute halves
· Categories B11 and G11 are 7a-side teams
· A maximum of 5 substitutes per match are permitted
Tournament Facilities
Hillerod is located in a beautiful area north of Copenhagen, and matches will be played at Hillerod Stadium which offers excellent grass fields and excellent athletic facilities. Some tournament activities take place at Frederiksburg Castle, which was elected as one of the most beautiful castles in Europe in 1998!
Tournament & Leisure Activities
· Tournament Disco
· Team Leaders Party
· Hillerød’s modern swimming pool with free entry.   
· Tivoli Cup Disco
· Mayor of Hillerød Delegate’s
· Delegate’s/Coaches Match 
· Tivoli Amusement Park
Tournament Age Categories
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