Holland - Amsterdam Cup

Age Categories: Boys U9-U17 Girls U9-U13
Tournament Overview
This tournament is operated by the same organization that runs the prestigious Haarlem Cup and Holland Easter Classic. Amidst two of the largest European tournaments and set in the Amsterdam area, this is the perfect venue for those teams looking for an early summer tournament. The same level of organization and competition can be found at this growing soccer event. Many activities are offered and teams can enjoy excellent fields and various excursions to Amsterdam and the surrounding area.
Tournament Format
In the first round all teams play in groups of 4 or 5 teams. All teams in 1 group will play each other once on the Saturday. On Sunday the second round starts. All teams that qualify as number 1 or 2 in the 1st round groups will play in the 2nd round -A-. All other teams from the 1st round will play in the 2nd round -B-. Again all teams are placed in groups and play each other once. The 2nd round group winners play the semi-finals. It is possible to obtain permission for age dispensation. Age dispensation should be applied for in writing and the application must be confirmed by the organization before April 1st, 2009. Dispensation players can never be more than 6 months too old. A maximum of 3 dispensation players is allowed to play per game. Due to different age deadlines - handled by national soccer associations - the tournament committee may grant special dispensations to teams/players involved. The official dispensation confirmation for the dispensation players must be shown on request of the tournament committee or referee at any time during the tournament. All committees on all fields where the games take place know the names of the dispensation players. Age groups playing with 11-a-side teams may fill out 20 players per playing day on the game-form. Only 16 players per game can play (so 5 substitutes per game are allowed). Substituted player cannot be brought into action in the same game again. Age groups playing on half-size fields with 7-a-side teams may fill out 15 players per day on the game-form. Groups 7, 8 and 9 players are allowed to go on and off the field as much as they want, but only on the referee’s signal and during the so-called "dead moments" of the game. All teams play a minimum of 5 matches, spread over the Saturday and Sunday.
Tournament Facilities
Tournament & Leisure Activities
· Amsterdam Arena
· Anne Frank House
· Artis Zoo
· Canal Cruise
· Madame Tussaud
· Van Gogh Museum
Tournament Age Categories
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