Scotland - Aberdeen International Football Festival


Age Categories: Boys U14-U16 Girls U15
Tournament Overview
The Aberdeen Festival was organized to enable young people from all parts of the world to meet not only on the field of play but during many of the social, cultural and fun events surrounding this true “soccer party”. Founded in 1981, the festival is held in picturesque Seaton Park and situated within easy walking distance to the center of Aberdeen, which is also known as "The Floral City". Many other activities are offered from skill competitions, stadium visits, welcome receptions, sightseeing and traditional Scottish entertainment for the adults. Aberdeen is a thriving city in northeast Scotland. With its distinctive silver granite buildings, Aberdeen has a special atmosphere; a friendly welcome and a proud tradition of soccer. The city, coastline and surrounding countryside will offer plenty to do in your free time and the chance to explore some of the “real Scotland”. 
Tournament Format
Group A will be organized on a “Round Robin” basis, each team playing the others. Groups B, C and D will be organized on a sectional basis, each team playing a match with each of the other teams in its section and points being awarded on a league basis, i.e. three points for a win and one point for a draw. The duration of play shall be as follows: Groups B, C and D qualifying matches-35 minutes each way, Semi Final and Final Matches-40 minutes each way. There will be dispensation for a maximum of 4 players per team who may be born on or after 01/01 of the preceding year. If the semi-final and final matches of the Tournament end in a draw the winners shall be decided by extra time of 10 minutes each way being played. If the two teams are still level at the end of extra time, then the match shall be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark, in accordance with the system laid down by the International Football Association Board. The matches of the Tournament shall be played in conformity with the International Laws of the Game. Five substitutes including one goalkeeper may be fielded at any time during the match. Each team may register up to twelve (7-a-side) or eighteen players (11-a-side) who can take part in the Tournament. Players must play in numbered strips and each player keeps the same number throughout the Tournament.
Tournament Facilities
Tournament facilities include four 11-a-side fields and three 7-a-side fields, a grandstand, catering facilities and sports shops make for a welcoming and entertaining environment.
Tournament & Leisure Activities
· 5-a-side tournament
· Soccer tennis
· Ten pin bowling, ’It’s a Knockout’
· Tournament Disco
· An evening of traditional Scottish entertainment for the adults
· Visit to the Pittodrie Aberdeen soccer stadium
· Traditional Scottish crafts and entertainments
· A visit to the famous “Highlands”
· Excursions to the lochs and castles of the region
Tournament Age Categories
B. Boys (14) born on or after 01/01/1994  11-a-side                                            
C. Boys (16) born on or after 01/01/1992  11-a-side
D. Girls (17) born on or after 01/01/1991  11-a-side
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