International Tour Programs



Enjoy the excitment of international competition in a top European soccer tournament!  Eurotech® works directly with every major European soccer tournament and all of these tour packages have been created around one or more tournaments, with all the benefits of sightseeing and culture typically scheduled around the tournament week itself. 
Friendship Tours

Our Friendship Tours are for groups who prefer friendly matches to tournaments, with a strong empasis on friendship, culture & sport.  These tours are typically offered year-round and vary in terms of duration, itinerary and tour content.  Play friendly matches with competitive club, school or academy teams throughout the countries in which you are traveling.

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Pro Experience  

Eurotech® has partnered with many European pro clubs and are now able to offer our exclusive "Pro Experience" packages for professional coaching, fantastic facilities and unparalled soccer expertise.  Play teams from top European clubs and train with the pros on these intensive programs created for advanced teams.

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Training Centers  

Enjoyed by National teams, professional clubs, college teams and ODP teams alike, now you too can stay and train at one of our exclusive European Training Centers.

College Tours  

Eurotech® offers specialized tour packages for men’s and women’s college soccer teams travelling from the U.S. and Canada.  Enjoy our many custom pre-season packages or let us create a "friendship" tour for your team today!

Custom Tours  

Although we do recommend our vast selection of international tours, our services go far beyond our current selection.  We are more than willing to create a custom tour that includes your specific requests if our selection is unable to meet your team needs.  Please contact us at 1-800-679-9830 with your preferred itinerary and we will provide a tour proposal as well as our professional opinion on how to best satisfy your needs, whether that be an existing or custom tour.